The perfect book for the postpartum mother impatient to start toning her body.

However she craves for her pre-pregnancy figure, a new mom has slight time to dedicate for workout. The needs of a newborn are a round-the-clock job. An innovative postnatal Pilates program, Pee Wee Pilates gives new mommies more than any other fitness book or program can give: a quick and confirmed exercise-at-home routine for whipping their postpartum body slightly into the shape.

Areas that are most harmed by pregnancy (lower back, hips, ABS, and posterior) are targeted by Pilates method so new mothers will get results quickly with no need to leave their homes or to leave their beloved one. At the same time, since the baby is combined with the Pilates movements, mother will have chance to appreciate a fun and loving interaction with her babies. Different from other postpartum fitness programs baby is more than a prop; the workout routine in Pee Wee Pilates is created accurately to help foster a baby’s development and to help it attachment to its mom.

Written by New York City’s top Pilates instructors, Pee Wee Pilates commits to be top “baby and me” exercise program on the market for postpartum mothers anywhere.